General Information

Capital:  N/A

Official Languages:  Chinese, English

Date of Return of Chinese Sovereignty:   01 July 1997

System of Governance:  Semi-parliamentary democracy

Land area: 1106.6 km2

Population (2019): 7,509,200

Currency : Hong Kong Dollar

Main Religions :  Buddhism, Christianity

Climate: Sub-tropical

Gross Domestic Product (2019):  90 Billion and 151 Thousand  USD 

Main sources of government revenue:    Taxes, Sale of Government Land

Per capita GDP (2018) : 37,927.13 USD

Inflation Rate (2020): 2.2%

Unemployment rate (Sep 2020):  6.4%

Education System :Free Compulsory Education from Primary to Secondary School (12 years)

Natural Resources :Minerals, Rock, Sand

Primary Industries : Finance, Tourism, Trade, Logistics

Imports Electronics, Electrical appliances, Communications, Clothes, Jewelry

Exports Jewelry, Plastic Products, Specialised machinery, Medical products, Drugs

Direction of Traffic: Left-hand drive