Al-Raya Praises Success of Qatar's International Diplomacy

Doha, April 30 (QNA) - Al-Raya said that the United Nations General Assembly adopted by consensus the initiative of the State of Qatar to consider March 10 of every year as an International Day of Women Judges, adding it represents a new diplomatic victory for the State of Qatar that has become a milestone in international diplomacy.

In its editorial today, the daily said that the resolution, which sponsored and adopted by 72 countries, affirms the State of Qatar's keenness at every international forum on enhancing the participation of women in public institutions, including the judiciary, as it believes that gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls will contribute vitally to the achievement of all sustainable development goals and objectives.

It indicated that the State of Qatar seeks to enhance the presence of women in the judicial field locally and internationally and ensure active participation of women on an equal footing with men in decision-making at all levels as a fundamental matter for achieving equality, sustainable development, peace and democracy by committing to implementing appropriate and effective national strategies and plans to advance the position of women in judicial justice systems and institutions at leadership positions, administrative and other levels.

Al-Raya continued by saying that Qatar, the pioneer of the diplomatic initiative around the world, has added a new success that every Qatari is proud of, as the adoption of this resolution confirms the success of Qatari diplomacy in building partnerships and alliances in the United Nations for the benefit of all humanity.

The daily said that the relationship between Qatar and the United Nations, through its various organizations, has always been distinguished and strong, and has become an example of adherence to their international responsibilities for states to follow, as the State of Qatar promoted peace diplomacy in the world and sponsored many international initiatives. It pointed in this context to the opening of several representative offices of the various United Nations agencies in Doha, which clearly reflects Qatar's tendency to strengthen its regional and international position, as it is a peace-sponsor country and places among its priorities multilateral international cooperation in order to enhance efforts to achieve the United Nations development goals, which falls within its strategies supporting the achievement of the United Nations development goals around the world.

Al-Raya added that Qatar has succeeded in achieving significant growth in its international relations, and has worked diligently to strengthen them and move them forward, which is reflected in its contribution and its active role in the international system.

The newspaper concluded its editorial by saying that the presence of the State of Qatar at the center of international decision-making contributes to increasing the world's understanding of the region. Qatar has always supported the international organization, its development projects and its pioneering goals either through generous donations or by launching and sponsoring programs aimed at the good of humanity, supporting the stability of societies and combating problems that threaten the growth and stability of countries around the world. Qatar's efforts in providing humanitarian support and immunizing societies against crises and problems by addressing their causes have been praised and appreciated by the United Nations and its member countries, and the Qatari initiatives have become a model to be followed at the global level. (QNA)