Al Raya: Qatar Made Great Achievements in Energy

Doha, May 01 (QNA) - Al Raya newspaper highlighted, in its editorial today, that the State of Qatar has made great strides towards the transition to clean energy, as part of its National Vision 2030.

The newspaper pointed out that Qatar pays great attention to sustainability and has made it the slogan of the next stage within its renaissance programs, as sustainability has entered into the development process in the State of Qatar, and it has even worked on launching international initiatives to save the planet and combat climate change, by shifting towards clean energy.

Al Raya stated that the Ministry of Transportation and Communications recently unveiled 4 major projects to serve the transition towards clean energy, including parking and transportation, bus stations, ferry stops, and bus depots, adding that this is part of the infrastructure program for public transport buses, which aims to achieve integration between the various public transport systems, noting that Qatar is currently working on providing environmentally friendly transport solutions that take into account the goal of sustainability in parallel with its industrial and development renaissance.

The newspaper stated that Qatar is about to host a major global event that will be the focus of the whole world, as Qatar will host the football fans during the FIFA 2022 World Cup. Al Raya pointed out that, in order to take into account the principle of sustainability and preservation of the environment, Qatar pledged that the World Cup would be the first carbon-neutral edition by reducing emissions and relying on transportation methods that operate on clean energy.

Al Raya added that the Ministry of Transportation and Communications said that it has a program that supports the transport operations of the 2022 World Cup, and aims to strengthen Qatar's position as one of the leading countries in the use of environmentally friendly electric vehicles, as well as increasing the number of public transportation users during the next few years, and providing high-quality means and facilities in accordance with the highest specifications and technology used internationally, which express the identity of the advanced public transport sector in Qatar.

Al Raya explained that the strategic projects that Qatar began to implement regarding the transition to clean energy, after completion and full operation, will contribute to reducing carbon emissions from fossil fuel vehicles and improving the quality of the general climate in Qatar, which is one of the main objectives of the public transport bus infrastructure program.

The newspaper stressed that Qatar attaches great importance to addressing the phenomenon of climate change, and emphasizes this through the implementation of many projects and initiatives that contribute to the efforts made to reduce air pollutants, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and increase reliance on renewable energy sources, as Qatar has introduced the concept of sustainability in many strategic projects.

Al Raya concluded by emphasizing that Qatar seeks to adopt a sustainable economy based on clean energy, as Qatar expanded in this field and became one of the most clean energy providers in the world, as it assumed regional and international roles that reflect its commitment as a major energy producer and its commitment to reducing global warming effects. (QNA)